Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We were not anywhere near the terrorist attacks!

I won't try to be flip or cute with my titles, like usual. I just learned that Mumbai has just been the scene of coordinated terrorist attacks this evening. MSNBC reports that two gorgeous hotels were/are held siege, and several other places were attacked as well, including one of my favorite restaurants here in the city.

That said, neither Andrea nor I were out partying this evening. We were home before 10pm. Judging by the area of town, I'm guessing that most of my coworkers were also out of harm's way.

It's 1am, and I'm going in to work tomorrow to try and wrap some things up before taking a Thanksgiving holiday, so I will post more later--I just wanted to let people know that we were miles from any danger. Anyone worried about my fellow interns/fellows--I saw almost all of them for late dinner this evening, and then they went home to pack before flying out of town in a few hours, so they're safe as well.

More tomorrow!


betsy said...

Hi Isaac and Andrea, got your dad's email and have been praying non-stop since!
blessed thanksgiving to you'all.
Betsy B.

Mary and Sam Conver said...

We heard from Linda at about 5:15pm our time on the way to pick up the kids from school. She told us that Leigh was sitting 'close to the tv' and hadn't heard from Uncle Lynn at that time.

We started watching tv coverage right away, but by 7:30pm we had heard via Facebook that all was well from your Dad.

Keep safe and keep in touch!