Monday, December 15, 2008


During the month of December I’ve used my daily stillness time to read scripture relating to Advent. Today, I also read a poem by Elizabeth Jennings. I really appreciated the message so I decided to pass it along. Enjoy.

Carol for 2000

Put memory away. Today is new.
Carols and bells ring out and take the year
Into their power. They cast out pain and fear
For everyone and you.

Put memory away. Soft sounds are rocking
A newborn child laid in a cradle made
For animals to eat from. Grace is said.
A child puts out a stocking.

Put memory away and watch a world
Grown almost still because a baby can
Convince us he is born of God and man.
The world’s no longer old.

Put memory away. Tonight is Now.
And new as children’s hopes and old men’s eyes
Soon Kings will come and they are rich and wise
But to a child will bow.

Put memory away and have no fear.
A star is shining on a joyful sight.
A young girl’s Child is born to us tonight
And casts out pain and war.

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jlconver said...

Good words--Very appropriate sentiments!! Something similar to what I am hearing from God--focus on the gifts I have in him and from him rather than what is missing . . .in my life.

Love to you both!--JLConver